Gaining Understanding

Sarah and I have begun to learn about the people of the Middle East.  If we are going to serve them, we should have an understanding of their culture, history and even their religion.  I know that God has stirred our hearts for the families of this region.  We think often of the moms, dads and little kids that are surrounded by chaos.  We need to learn how to love these people so we can serve them well.  When compared with everyday life here in the U.S. it makes me appreciate our freedoms and ease of life. 

 We started reading the book, From Beirut to Jerusalem by Thomas Friedman.  This book tells the story of the conflict that has surrounded Lebanon over the last few decades.  It gives an intimate view of the culture and daily life amid conflict.  It also has a good timeline that gives a chronology from 1882 to 1995.  It strikes me that some of the same conflict that began near the beginning of the timeline is still afflicting this region.  All of man’s attempts to solve this situation have failed.  Perhaps it is time for us to turn to God on this one.  Let’s begin to pray for the people there to turn their eyes to the Creator.

 SAT-7 has a production facility located in Lebanon.  As you see reports of unrest from this country, please lift up their staff in prayer.  They have had to cancel or postpone their work on several occasions.  It is dangerous just to exist there. 

 Thank you for continuing to join us on our journey.  We will be contacting you soon to share the vision of our ministry with you.  We can’t wait to see all of you.  We praise God for you.  God is so very good.


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