Stacking Stones

Stacked StonesIt’s good every now and then to stop and acknowledge the blessings that God has placed on us.  I have a tendency to move on to the next thing without realizing what has just happened.  Now, is a good time to stop and stack a few stones as a monument to grace and as a reminder of what He has done in us.   Remember the story of Joshua and the Israelites crossing the Jordan?

Sarah and I were able to share our ministry with our home church yesterday.  To say that we were nervous prior to speaking would be an understatement.  Neither one of us would put public speaking on a list of things that we would love to do before we die.  So just before going on stage I was thinking that there was a good possibility that I may not stay vertical.  As I mounted the steps a wave of calm came over me and it felt really good to be sharing with our church family what God is doing in the Middle East through SAT-7.

We are starting to understand a little about God using us despite our weaknesses.  I can see how He is creating these experiences to strengthen our faith.  I hope we can continue to be obedient and bold in our service even when trials come.  Will you pray with us and for us in this?  We are adding a stone to the pile to thank God for your love and support. 


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