Commitments and Milestones

The Reeves household just experienced a milestone tonight . . . Calvin read his first book!  This is a big step in anyone’s life.  We are so excited and happy to see him grow and learn.  Here is what we were blessed to hear tonight, “Sam sat.  Mat sat.  Sam sat on Mat.”  Here’s a very recent and rare photo of Cal and Lissie playing nicely yet exploring their silly sides.

We have also been blessed to have shared our ministry with several of you in recent days.  On Sunday night we shared the Cyprus journey with another home group from Muncie Alliance.  What a blessing it was to open share what God has laid on my heart with people who are seeking to follow Him.   How encouraging it was to talk openly with you.  Thank you for caring and praying with us. 

There have been a few things that have become clear that need to happen for us to get from Muncie to Cyprus.  Of course, there is the financial burden of relocating overseas and staying there.  We are also seeking to gain a commitment from many of you for two other things:  we need people who will commit to providing regular encouragement to our family.  We know that there are struggles to come…we don’t know when…but we know they will come.  Your encouragement will sustain us.  One method for providing encrouragement is through commenting in this blog (click on “No Comments” above).  Another is through email:

 Also, we need people who will commit to specific prayer for the ministry to the Middle East, northern Africa and to Cyprus.  Here’s how you can pray:

  •  Pray for the people of the Middle East/N. Africa to have their hearts prepared for receiving the message of hope in Christ.
  • Pray for the availability of satellite programming to continue to spread.
  • Pray for our family to be strengthened.
  • Pray for protection from physical harm and spiritual battles.

God has promised to provide.  We love that He provides through relationships with you. 


4 thoughts on “Commitments and Milestones

  1. I enjoyed hearing more about the ministry that God has put on your hearts. It is fun to see that God has given this to you and you aren’t trying to brew something up on your own

  2. Your dad says:
    Thanks for the update and the photo of two precious grandchildren. Thank you for following Jesus in mission for the unsaved and for his church. Thank you for setting the example your children will use for deciding how to lead their lives and who they turn to for direction.

    I agree that you will have struggles and challenges. You will also be the reciprients of God’s gracious giving. With that gracious giving together with the struggles and challenges, you will understand the complete story of your walk with the Master. I wonder at how spectacular that story will be and how excited God is in seeing those whose hearts are completely his (2 Chron. 16:9a). Believing=Trusting!

  3. Its such an encouragement to see you walking in what the Lord has called you to. I am excited to be able to watch and see how God blesses you as you take these steps. Thanks so much for sharing at our small group.

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