Home Away from Home

Have you ever been surprised by a blessing?  I guess we shouldn’t be but recently Sarah and I were surprised.  We visited Kentwood Heights Baptist Church in Quinton, VA.  Awesome!  We were scheduled to share our ministry there during service on Sunday.  We packed up the kids, our materials and hit the road.  We drove through the night to allow the kids to sleep – note, this meant that Sarah and I didn’t, really, sleep.  I’m not sure that I would recommend it but it worked. 

After a nap and chatting, we began to prepare for our time of sharing.  On Saturday, we found out we were going to be the bulk of the message on Sunday.  Yikes!  This was exhilerating and terrifying.  When you say yes to God, sometimes you don’t always know what that means.  We prayed for guidance, wisdom, our mouths to be filled with His word and secretly for a power outage or something that would alter our newly disovered plans. 

Well, we didn’t get out of it.  Good thing too.  The morning started with the friendliest greeter known to man, Jimmy Shifflet.  He comes with an iron-grip handshake….watch out for that!  Then we were confronted with the non-stop encouragement of people who were interested in our ministry before we even spoke.  By the time we took the stage, we felt right at home.  It was cool to feel this way about people we had only known for an hour or so.  We spoke for about 45 minutes, our prayers were clearly answered and we’ve begun to develop new relationships with people who will support us in our journey. 

 God is good…and then some!


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