Just the facts . . .

Here’s a nuts and bolts update:  We’ve spoken at our home church (MAC), two home groups, and Kentwood Heights Baptist Church.  We are sharing with our former home church (AMC) in Fort Wayne, IN on Sunday evening.  We are looking forward to seeing our old church family again.  For those of you who know Kaleb Jordan, AMC is a lot like him.  You can’t help but smile when you think of it.  Have you noticed our affinity for churches with a certain three letters?

I’d like to point you to a few links in addition to Kaleb’s. By the way, the ministry that God has Kaleb in is just an awesome testament to faith and the power of God – check his blog out.  Some other links are:  http://dbwinger.blogspot.com/ and http://www.xanga.com/gloryupwards.  These last two are from an awesome young couple , Jodi and Daryl, who are in with both feet in their mission to follow God’s leading.  It is really encouraging to see their service and commitment to Him.

We’ve had some long days, many blessings, new relationships and even a few financial commitments.  The funding is not a subject we enjoy discussing but it’s one that is a vital part of this ministry.  Without it, we won’t be able go and focus on our jobs of bringing the Word to those who need it.  We had better get comfortable talking about it.  Currently, we are at 5 percent of our monthly financial need.  This is the start of the fullfillment of His promise of provision…we are grateful!  There is a bunch more of that fullfillment to come.  It’s daunting but we rest in Him.  Has He ever not provided?  Has He ever broken His promise?  Not once.  This simple fact is why it is so possible to believe in Him, Jesus, our Savior.  He delivers without fail.  So, is the glass 95% empty?  No!  It’s 5% full!  And I wouldn’t hang out in the glass too long . . .

Lastly, we get asked the question, “When are you leaving?”  We’ve struggled to answer this one.  “It’s in God’s hands” is one of my standard answers.  Yes, it’s true.  He will provide in His time.  But how will He provide?  He will move people like you to join in our ministry as financial partners.  Are you one of those people?  Will you be one of those people?  Will you help us to bring the message of hope in Christ to people who haven’t heard?  Will you help us come closer to answering that very interesting question, “When are you leaving?”

Thank you for all of your kinds and encouraging words.  Thank you to those of you who are currently supporting us.  We praise Him because of you!!!


One thought on “Just the facts . . .

  1. Hey Dan and Sarah!

    What an honor for you to mention us in your blog. You are an inspiration to us too- we’re blessed to see how you are living out God’s call on your life.
    I won’t ask “when are you leaving?” but can i ask if you think you’ll be around on the 16th of February for our wedding? We’d be excited to have you celebrate with us.
    Rejoicing in Jesus,

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