An Island Christmas?

lissie_snowball.jpgWe are almost knee deep in snow and headlong into the holiday season.  I’ve begun to realize most recently that there is a good chance that our next Christmas will be spent on an island.  I’m beginning to wonder what that will look like.  Will turkey and ham be replaced with hummus and roast leg of lamb?  Will we be able to have a Christmas tree? 

These are questions that we will have to fill you in on later.  For now, we are trying to enjoy the Christmas traditions that we are used to.  Even shoveling snow has a mild level of enjoyment, knowing that the likelihood of snow in Cyprus is zero – the average temperature in Cyprus is 75 degrees.  What we are enjoying most is talking about the birth of our Lord Jesus.  To see the kids get excited about the baby in the manger makes us pretty hppy. 

calvin_tree.jpgTo think that in as little as 6 months we could be in Cyprus and joining a ministry that is introducing a whole culture to the Christmas story is an awesome thought.  There are so many who haven’t heard that a baby was born in a manger and lived to die for our sins; so that we could be presented to God as pure as fresh snow.  The joy that we live everyday and especially during this season is for all those who turn their heart to Him.  They can’t do that unless they hear first.  We praise Him for allowing us to be the ones who get to go and provide this message.  We praise Him for our partners who are in prayer and supporting this ministry.   We praise Him for your encouragement.  

So, as we go through our last American Christmas for a while, we will celebrate with a renewed sense of joy.  We will throw our snowballs with extra zip.  We may even enjoy the ever-present carols in every department store and on every radio station….because we are one step closer to serving our Lord and experiencing our first Island Christmas.


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