Shock and Awe!

busy.gifIt has been a while since our last update.  Wow!  I can’t remember a time in which I’ve been so busy.  The good thing is that everything that I’m busy with is related to ministry, growing our understanding of who God is, parenting or building community.  All pretty cool things to be doing.  Just because I feel pretty blessed  with the things I am doing doesn’t mean I don’t crave a good nap every now and then.  January has been in my mind the month that should begin the major push for us to gain support financially and partners in prayer.   It coincides with a major push with project at work and the start of a class that Sarah and I are taking called, Perspectives (  I was somewhat concerned that this would all mean that my time would be limited to pursue our ministry in Cyprus.  God has proven himself time and time again in my life.  It shouldn’t have been a surprise that He would take care of things.  He has repeatedly given us opportunities to share with people that were not even on our radar.  This is, after all, His work that we are partnering in.  I stand amazed at His provision. 

Lately, we’ve also been given several contacts of people associated with the SAT-7 ministry and with Cyprus in general.  I would like to recommend the blog of a pastor in Cyprus named, Rick Dugan (  You can read of an awesome ministry for the people of Cyprus as well as view a bunch of photos.  Calvin, in particular, has enjoyed the photos.  He is certain that he has had enough of cold weather and is ready for the mild winters in the Mediterranean.  It is good to get a glimpse of the life ahead of us. 

Also, I would like to recommend a daily prayer that comes from Pastor Dave Groleau of Crossview Evangelical Free Church in Antioch, Il.  Pastor Dave married us 11 years ago.  Thanks, Pastor Dave!!!  This daily prayer is the most complete structured prayer I have seen.  It has the effect of orienting my day appropriately.  Good stuff!  Here is the link to this prayer:

 As we move into February, we are excited to see what God will shock us with and are bound to be in awe.   


3 thoughts on “Shock and Awe!

  1. Hello Dan,

    I saw your post on Rick’s blog as well. It is a small world. We work here with Rick and did a stay in Fort Wayne. We are good friends with the Andersons in Guinea and I know Adam Henderson as well. You can check our related blog on life in Nicosia @

    It is warm here, but there is snow in the mountains… at least most winters.

  2. Chris,

    Small world indeed! We attended Aboite Missionary for 4 years with Adam as pastor. We have very fond memories and close friends there. The Harders visited us this summer. Their kids and ours were able to run around together for an afternoon. Fun to watch.

    Thanks for the blog…we are enjoying it quite a bit. The photos are really encouraging for us. It is hard to know what to expect but those help a lot. We would like to know more about your ministry/lives in Cyprus. Our email address is

    Have a great day!


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