Departures and Arrivals

AirplaneI always like the airport more on my way to a destination than on my return home.  It’s exciting at the beginning to be going somewhere new….especially in the dead of winter when you live in Indiana and you’re going to Miami (I just got back from there!!!).  Even being in a crowd of people trying to get through security doesn’t seem to bother me much on the first leg of my travels.  I wonder where all of these people are going and whether they are going on vacation or on business. 

 This all changes on the way home.  My perspective switches to, “Why do all these people have to be here?  Don’t they know that I’ve been wedged into a flying tin can with way too many other people for far too long.  Seriously, could they walk any slower?”  Ok…probably bad to give you a glimpse into my inner thoughts at a not-so great moment.  But, that’s honesty for you. 

I wonder if I’m like this in life as I walk this road of faith.  I would like to say that I treat people along the way like I would on the first leg of a trip rather than like on the return flights.  We’re all going somewhere, right?  We come from so many different places and have different perspectives.  I would like to think that most times I’m really interested in your journeys and how you ‘ve gotten to where you are at.  But, do I ever get tired and overwhelmed with so many perspectives and stories that I just want everyone to get out of my way and let me head home to my Savior?  I hope that never comes through in my words or actions.  But, have I ever thought that?  Hmmm…I hope not.  Something to watch out for. 

The great thing about our journey (the Great Commission) is that God has called us to invite others on the same trip.  It’s a trip that was planned for all (Isaiah 52:10).  We just need to turn to him with our whole hearts (Jeremiah 29:13) and off we go.  Have you ever gone on a trip with a large group?  There is joy in a journey taken with others.  I hope that my attitude is one that would encourage others to consider joining our caravan. 

Ministry Update

We have reached a milestone destination in terms of support raising: 

  • 20% of our recurring monthly need has been provided
  • 20% of our relocation costs have been provided

We have a long way to go.  It is important to stop and give praise to God for His provision and for your generous support.  God is working in you to help us to continue our journey…and we are thankful and greatly blessed. 


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