Fire hose of blessings!

We have just returned from a trip to N.E. Pennsylvania and are in awe of our Creator.  I guess we should always be that way but somehow we forget just a little how amazing He is.  He is always amazing but I know that my focus changes from Him to me all too often and and I lose the desire to rejoice appropriately.  This weekend was a reminder that God fulfills His promises to us…and sometimes He makes it a little extra sweet…because He can.

At the beginning of our trip we prayed that God would bless the trip.  Our hope was that the friends we would visit, whom we had left six years ago would still remember and like us.  We wanted to reconnect and share with them what God has been doing in our lives and find out the same from them.  Time has a way of changing things and I was concerned that my warm feelings for these people would not ring true in person six years later.  More importantly…I hoped they still liked us.  We also had the usual concerns about the weather, health and the kids (read behavior here) and all other normal logistical issues that occur on such a trip. 

Well, the Lord certainly delivered on our request for blessing.  First of all, I need to tell you that if you are ever hurting and in need of a community to care for you, move to the Pocono mountains.  There is a little church tucked between the hills where you should spend some serious time.  It may appear to be a feather-weight fighter from the outside but is in all actuality a champion heavy-weight as a provider of the Love of Christ.  These people understand the two greatest commandments and their actions live up to the mandate.  They don’t live perfect lives without pain or suffering. In fact, they probably have endured some of life’s most difficult losses.  But, they don’t let these things interfere with being obedient to God’s instruction to love Him and others.  To quote Nike, they “Just do it!”  We were on the receiving end of their love this weekend.  Thank you PEFC!  We praise God for you!!!

Every detail of our trip was seemingly smoothed over for us.  To top everything off, we found out after we returned home that we were blessed with some surprises in our financial support.  Our journey to Cyprus is one where we are seeing God work in you to provide the way for us in love, support and prayer.   

Let us know how we can be in prayer for you as we journey along in faith with one another…feel free to use the comment portion of this blog.  Help us to build a community of prayer.

Ministry Update

  • Over 50% of our relocation need has been provided!!!!
  • 30% of our recurring monthly need has been pledged!!!

Our goal for moving to Cyprus is September.  Please be in prayer for us as we make plans and raise support.  Thank you for being on our team!


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