What is our understanding of the impact we as believers can have on the world?  As individuals can we have much impact on anyone?  Have we made any impact on our neighbors?  Our city?  What about the world?  Is it worth considering?  My hope is that we could all say, “Yes, my walk with Christ impacts others frequently and some are in Thailand, Morocco and Muncie, Indiana.”  I would like to get some feedback on this.  I think it is good to hear how others are reaching the world. 

I have been reading the book, “Back to Jerusalem”.  It’s all about a group of people in China who have listened to God and responded. . . kind of like Peter’s mom in the last post.  The result is that thousands have come to know the Savior.  Here is the perspective that perhaps we should have:

The western editor, Paul Hattaway writes:  One lunch time I asked several church leaders how many Christians they thought there would be in China in twenty or thirty years time if the gospel continued to blaze its way through the nation as it had been doing for the previous decade.  “Two hundred million believers?” I asked with a smile on my face.  “Three hundred million?”

The Chinese brothers didn’t answer.  They understood my question, but didn’t understand my lack of faith!  After repeating the question, one leader, with a puzzled look on his face, said, “Of course in twenty or thirty years all of China would know the Lord!”

. . . They believe that part of their mandate from God is to completely evangelize their whole nation and to make China “the first truly born-again Christian country in Asia.”

I almost choked on my short-sighted faith.  If these brothers and sisters in Christ can see the most populous country in the world as a fully faithful nation, why do I give up so easily on those nearest to me.  Could Muncie or Swayzee or Quinton be 100% obedient to the Lord?  It would require a move of God.  But it would also require a group of people to remove the blinders of our western faith that limits our view of how much He desires this.  To say, “Yes, Lord, I hear your calling to reach the lost, whatever the cost.”  The Chinese church knows about costs like torture, imprisonment and death for their obedience.  We know embarrassment, uneasiness and maybe being ostracized.  I wonder if God is waiting on us to step up and love those around us who don’t know Him.  I struggle with this and am seeking to understand how best to share His love.

Will you join me in pursuing this obedience to reach the lost?  As Sarah and I are sharing our ministry, we get to see first-hand how people are responding to God’s desire to reach the Middle East and n. Africa.  It’s awesome to see His people respond.  As we go to this region, we will want to hear how the people we leave behind are reaching those nearest them.  Let’s get busy pursuing His people!

P.S.  Another post is to follow shortly:  It has been just over a year since we accepted the invitation to serve in Cyprus.  A lot has happened.  I’ll recap it in a day or so. 



One thought on “Impact

  1. I just got back from Ukraine and decided to check out what the Reeves have been up to and read up on your lives. Exciting stuff. I tried to “finally” get on the sat-7 site to donate and it wasn’t connecting. i will try again.

    i have heard of the back to jeruselem movement and am sorry that i am not chinese. i want to be part of that movement. sounds amazing. makes me think of our perspectives class.

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