Prep Time

The last month has been one devoid of blogging but full of other things.  It seems like things are really beginning to happen now.  We’ve actually begun to do some physical tasks that are preparing the way for our departure. 

First, in looking for ways to reduce our living expenses in Cyprus, we determined a motorcycle would be a great commuter vehicle for me.  It is sunny and warm the majority of the year and gas is $7.50/gallon.  My new (used) motorcycle gets 47mpg at last check.  It’s a 93 Yamaha Seca II in very good condition with only 6300 miles on it.  This model is very propular in Europe.  In fact, many of the police departments used these.  Parts should be very available.  After a month or so of practicing it now has 6900 miles on it.  Yes, Mom, I wear a helmet and jacket.  I figured it would be a good idea to learn to ride here rather than on the left side of the road in Cyprus.  One new thing at a time seems safer in this case. 

We’ve begun to prepare our home for sale.  I nearly finished a long overdue bathroom remodel and painted the kitchen.  The kitchen is now a lovely shade of brown that makes me think of coffee or chocolate…how can that be bad?  I think we will try to list the house in the beginning of August.  If it sells quickly, I think we would prefer to live in temporary housing than to be waiting for our home to sell.  God will work it out but we are trying to make some wise decisions.  Anyone want to buy a house?

On the financial side of things there is progress as well.  As of today, we are at 47% of our monthly need and just over 60% of our relocation costs.  In order to be released to go, we need to be at 80% of our monthly need.  We are monitoring the economy and declining dollar closely. 

On Wednesday, I had an opportunity to have lunch with a young lady named, Niki from Nicosia, Cyprus – the city we will live in.  She was at Taylor Univ. for a jump rope camp.  I was able to ask many questions and feel like this was a good connection.  She was very kind and gave me a glimpse of the perspective of the local people in Cyprus.  To top it all off, her dad is a realtor.  “I know the business.  I can help you find a place to rent.  Anything you need, I will help with,” is what she said.  That’s pretty awesome considering we may not visit Cyprus prior to living there. 

We have several opportunites to share the ministry in the month of July.  Please continue to pray for more doors and hearts to be open to this ministry.  It sure has been a step-by-step process and God has really made it clear that it is something that only He can do.  For the time being we are hanging on and enjoying the blessing that you have become to us.  Please comment back and let us know how to pray for you.


One thought on “Prep Time

  1. Last night after church, Luca asked me whose motorcycle was parked outside! Now I know the answer!
    I thought of a book that you would like. Its called RED MOON RISING: HOW 24-7 PRAYER IS AWAKENING A GENERATION.
    I am reading it now and then it is promised to Mark Guinn…but try and see if you can get a copy. Its the story of a prayer movement that started in England and is taking place all over the world. (lars and I have been talking about MAC doing a 24-7 prayer week)

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