Problem + A Little Less Problem = Solution?

I think it is necessary for us to truly understand the environment of the people we plan to serve.  What do they experience on a daily basis – just trying to get by in life?  Without an understanding like this, it is too easy to erect walls of faux understanding.  It becomes easy to assume that ministry is either near-impossible, should look a certain way or should be abandoned all together.  The following article is quite indicative of the environment that children are being raised in in some parts of the Middle East.

The article talks some of solutions but misses the point to some extent.  There are solutions to such problems that are within reach and are quite effective.  The article points out that children are learning to hate those who don’t subscribe to Islam.  I think it is absolutely critical that they be taught to love their enemies.  It isn’t good enough to suggest that they not be taught to hate.  Teach them to love.  SAT-7 kids is doing this now, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

It’s like offering flour to someone who is eating sand.  It is better but really the tongue wants the sweetness that only pure sugar can offer.  Or, perhaps more accurately…if you are in a completely dark room you could try to remove some of the darkness.  How effective would that be?  Even the light of a candle would bring relief.  The world’s response to this situation is avoidance of the negative.  Our mission is to flood the lives of these children with light.  May the Lord work mightily in their lives.  May the next generation in this region be the ones who follow the One who brings life, hope and forgiveness.  Will you pray this with us?


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