Connect the Dots, Ready, Set, Go!

Remember when life was more simple?  I used to enjoy a good, simple activity like connect-the-dots.  Even if it was one of those with crazy turns and 100 dots, all you had to do was figure out where the next one was.  Well, life following Jesus is kind of like this…well…kind of.  We can’t always see where the next dot is or know when it will appear  That makes it somewhat more difficult, except if we can rely on the truth that the next dot will come.  He promises this to us in this statement in Jeremiah 29:11, “I know the things I have planned for you…”

In our ministry we’ve seen this to be true.  Yet, sometimes we even get a preview of things to come.  In the last month we’ve been shown a few steps to come.  We’ve been asked by SAT-7 to begin serving from the states to get a jump start on some much needed projects to help grow the ministry.  After much prayer, we’ve decided that I will begin serving a few days a week begining October 20th.  This means my last day of employment at Taylor University will be Oct. 17th.  I will travel to Cyprus around the beginning of November for a conference and training.  I will also be spending a few days a week sharing our ministry with others as we raise support.  We plan to relocate to Cyprus in March of 2009. 

We are at 53% of our monthly support.  We will need to be at 75% by October 17th – this is an additional $1000/month.  We will need to raise another $1000/month between October and March.  This journey started with a promise from God to provide.  While we don’t always know the ways or the timing, we know He will provide.

If you had to think about it, could you identify in your mind one or two people that you know who are passionate about missions and God’s plan to redeem His people to Himself?  Who do you know?  If you can identify these people, can you help us connect the dots?  We know that we are all called to the Great Commission.  We also know that God enables His people to have different roles in fulfilling this commandment.  Some are prayer warriors, yet we all pray.  Some are blessed with resources to send others out.  Some are encouragers.  We also know that some are mobilizers – those who see a need and bring those people together that can meet the need.  These people understand that the body of Christ works best when it is connected to its individual parts.  Are you a mobilizer?  If you are, would you join us in our mission to bring the message of Hope in our Savior to the Middle East and northern Africa?  Can you introduce us to these people who God is stirring?


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