Heavenly Man

Sarah and I had the opportunity to hear a man whose faith has been seasoned by the type of persecution that most have only read about.  Brother Yun is a man who was present in China in the 80’s/90’s at the beginning of the revival that we see happening even today.  He suffered for his faith in Christ.  He was imprisoned and beaten.  He experienced healing, miraculous deliverance and the reality of the end of his own ability and then sufficiency in Christ.  Some doubt his story.  Yet, his message was very simple.  Live in the hope of Christ.  Live in the freedom that Christ payed for.  Anything else is not the truth – materialism, greed, pornography, lust – these are not the truth.  Be bold about living your life for the Savior.

I hope to be able to share an audio link to Brother Yun’s talk soon.  He was joined by his longtime interpretor and friend, Brother Ren.  Both are true servants of the most high God.  If you want to know more about Brother Yun’s story, read Heavenly Man and Back to Jerusalem.  These books help tell the story of why it is important for Sarah and I to go to Cyprus to serve the people of the Middle East/n. Africa.  There is a movement to bring hope and truth from China to this region.  We hope to assist our Asian brothers and sisters in their calling by providing access to the Word.  Praise God for how he works!  Brother Yun’s story is proof that He is working always to restore His people to himself.


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