T Minus . . .

Today, we received an e-mail from a dear friend and sister in Christ.  She is ending a long-term ministry after much prayer and many tears.  This ministry was an example of one based on sharing love and ministering to the needs of people needing a savior.  She has seen countless people come to faith while she simply loved them.  We praise God for the obedience of His servant!

While our friend is transitioning from full-time ministry, we are on the verge of our own transition.  On October 17th I’ll be ending my employment with Taylor University and beginning full-time ministry.  I’ll be splitting my week – serving SAT-7 remotely and meeting with ministry partners.  This is a step that is being realized because the Lord’s work in His people – that is, you.  He has promised and He is delivering.

My time at Taylor was another example of His provision.  He met our needs as a family.  He provided a place filled with His people where I could heal and come to know Him more.  So, we are very grateful to the Father. It will be hard to walk out the door in two weeks.   But, our response now is to simply follow and serve.  We will do so with a renewed sense of excitement for what He will do through us.  He is calling us to serve a people who are seeking a solution for sin, chaos and destruction.  We will bring the message of peace, hope and love that is evident in our actions and lives and in His word.  This is the realization of the promise that Jeremiah 29 provides.

If you are supporting us financially, in prayer and with encouragement, thank you!  Please continue to pray for the people of the Middle East and n. Africa.  We very humbly ask that you please continue to pray, encourage and support our family.  If you know of a church or family that would be interested in hearing more about this ministry, please help us connect.  We still need to find additional ministry partners.  We know God will provide but we know He uses His people too.


3 thoughts on “T Minus . . .

  1. We hope and pray the transition from working at Taylor to this new venture goes smoothly for you all. God has some amazing things in store for you!

  2. Thanks for your willingness to be involved and used by God in His Kingdom work. May you be open to all He has for you on this journey. Will be praying for you. By God’s grace, Ron

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