Reeves’ First Journey to Cyprus – volume 2

Day 4 – Let the Conference Begin

The day starts with a tour of the SAT-7 offices in Nicosia.  We are able to meet the people who produce the programs, hear about calls from the viewers in the region and see the Master Control Room.  This office is where the front-line ministry happens.  These people spend every day producing the message of Hope for the Middle East and north Africa.  We had first hand accounts of the fruit that is being produced by the SAT-7 people who are following their calling to spread God’s word.  Rubber meet road!!! 

We travel then back to Larnaca to check into the hotel and start the conference.  Apparently, all the rooms were filled so we had to stay in our own private bungalow – oh, and it was next to a pool for only the bungalow dwelling folks.  Sometimes when the Lord provides, He uses the big guns. 

The opening speaker for the Network 2008 SAT-7 conference that began in the evening was Ziya Meral.  I suggest that if like to have your thoughts about culture and being a Christian in a world full of different cultures stretched, read his books or articles.  Or, hear his talks. It is truly an entertaining/educational opportunity, for sure.  Just before he spoke, I happened to sit down for a quick rest.  Lo and behold, the man across from me was Ziya Meral.  We had a ten minute discussion which very quickly got very deep about the roles of Christians in the Middle East.  We exchanged our perceptions – me coming from the west and him from Turkey.  It was an open dialogue where we shared how our hearts had been moved to serve the people of this region.  He’s really smart, but compassionate and gracious.  It was cool.

We check email before bed to find out that Elisa and two of the Childer children are have the stomach flu in ALL it’s manifestations.  Sarah/Mom begins to worry.  Dan/Dad happy not to have vomit on him.  Historically in the Reeves household, if a child is going to vomit, it will be on Dad.

Day 5 – Full Day/More Rubber on Road

We started off with a devotion and worship.  Keep in mind there are people from Europe, South Africa, Lebanon, Egypt, Algeria and many other countries.  I love this idea of multi-cultural worship.  Doesn’t the Bible talk of this?  Check out Revelation 7:9

SAT-7 Master Control Monitor Displaying Channels

SAT-7 Master Control Monitor Displaying Channels

This was a full day of talks about the various aspects of SAT-7.  We heard from Terry Ascot, CEO of SAT-7 as well as from all lead producers.  One cool new children’s show that is being produced is called, Allo, Allo.  This means hello, hello.  Kids call into the show and answer Bible trivia. The children are also sharing a few comments about what they’ve learned watching SAT-7 programming – isn’t it amazing that this is happening in the Middle East and north Africa?  Woohoo!   More than one show in the sample that we watched in the morning talked of finding peace from knowing Jesus.  How sweet is that?

The update from the Childers is that everyone (including Calvin and both parents) are really sick with the flu.  Please God help!

Day 6 – Conference Wrap Up

We attend a few more sessions after a morning devotion by Ziya Meral.  I love hearing this guy talk.  We also learn about the financial details and goals for the coming year for SAT-7.  A good conference comes to a close and we are feeling like our heads are full to capacity of new information about this ministry.  We travel back to Nicosia and the Schmidts.  Axel and Mette are from Denmark.  They were so very kind to us.  I believe we asked them every question about life in Cyprus (in fact I just emailed Axel this week with more).  They have been serving with SAT-7 for six years.  A very cool couple.

Kids getting better but Elisa refuses to eat.  Sarah/Mom stuggling with this.  What to do?


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