Fourth Quarter

With the beginning of the new year, the beginning of the NFL playoffs, it seemed appropriate to have a football themed title of this post.  I’m not a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions.  It seems like a cop-out from doing the things I know to do all the time but don’t do.  Didn’t the apostle Paul say something about this? I feel like I’m admitting defeat by making the resolution at the beginning of the year.  I’m not saying that I don’t need change.  I just think it is a moment by moment battle.  That’s a tangent.  But at least it’s off my chest.

Back to the football theme.  While it’s the beginning of the New Year, it feels like the fourth quarter of the stateside portion of our journey to Cyprus.  There are a few reasons for this.  First of all, SAT-7 would really like us to be there by June.  Two of the four communications team members will be leaving the ministry then.  The workload for this team is challenging with all four on board.  They will be seriously short-staffed come June.  We also just found out that it take about three months to process and complete the paperwork necessary for my work permit in Cyprus.  That means to be there by June, we will need to know by March.  To add to the urgency, Sarah is pregnant and due in August.  She really shouldn’t travel after six months – that’s about May.  If we miss this window, we’ll have to wait until Fall of 2009 at the earliest.

At present I’ve been spending two days a week working for SAT-7 from Indiana.  I am able to accomplish some things but it is not enough time and lacks in proximity to be sufficiently effective.  I spend the rest of the week working on the house to ready if for sale and making contacts with people and churches to share the ministry with.

We have a busy month or so coming up.  I will be sharing our ministry with  Union Church in Huntington, IN on the 20th.  We will head east to share at a church in Gettysburg, PA on the 25th.  I have a meeting at SAT-7 USA on the 26th and 27th.  This will be followed by other yet-to-be arranged appointments in the Virginia, Maryland, D.C. areas.  By the end of this trip we are hoping to be able to set up a timeline for relocation to Cyprus.  While we are gone, we will hopefully have our home on the market. Anyone need a three bedroom house in a nice Muncie neigborhood? Good schools, big trees and nice neighbors!

Currently we are blessed to have enough funds to relocate.  We are still seeking to increase our monthly support.  We need an additional $2200/month to live in Cyprus.  We are also seeking those who will be willing to consistently pray for us, the SAT-7 ministry and the people of the Middle East and n. Africa.  The Lord has provided a nice team of supporters and encouragers that have gotten us this far.  We know He will continue to provide.  It is His promise to us.  And, He doesn’t forget His promises.  Praise Him!

So, hold on.  It’s sure to be an interesting ride!  We’ll keep you posted.  Please keep praying.  Oh, and let us pray for you…let us know!  The “comment” link above works great for that.


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