SAT-7 PARS: Iran, Turkey and Cyberspace

I just came across this SAT-7 article again from November.  In case you haven’t seen it, I thought I would pass it along.  Everyday SAT-7 is reaching into the Middle East and north Africa.  It is providing truth and hope.  SAT-7 also provides more than Christ-centered programming, as you will see here:

Chat Rooms Change Lives

November 25, 2008

“Is the Bible true, or are people always changing it?”  That is just one of the many questions Iranian viewers of SAT-7 PARS write in and ask on the channels website Other viewers then write in and answer the questions. One viewer wrote, “I am a young person, and I think Christianity is the religion of love and peace.  I love Jesus very much and want to know more about this love and peace.”

One viewer wrote in to show where the young man could download a Bible, and encouraged him to read the Gospels to find out more about Christ.  Another said that Christianity isn’t a religion, religions are focused on rules, but Christianity is about grace that came to us because of Christ’s sacrifice.Other questions in the chat rooms include:  “Why didn’t Jesus use his power to get off the cross?” and “If we sin before we become a Christian, are we still forgiven from those sins?”  and “Is Jesus God or the Son of God?”

The PARS channel chat rooms are providing an important way for viewers to receive information they need.  The PARS team is currently in the process of upgrading their website to help viewers interact better with programs that contain many of the answers they are looking for.

SAT-7 PARS reaches into the Farsi and Turkish speaking regions including:  Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan and Tajikistan.

A Reeves’ travel note: Please be in prayer as we head east at the end of next week.  Thanks, everyone!  We are thankful for you!


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