An Introduction And A Departure

Introducing Baebo Reeves 3

Introducing Baebo Reeves 3

This week we were introduced to the next member of our family.  For now, we are calling this one, BAEBO 3.  Sarah is 11 weeks along and feeling well.  We were able to hear the heartbeat on Tuesday and then view the sonogram on Thursday.  What an awesome blessing it is to see this new life growing inside Sarah.  With some imagination you too can make out the beautiful face of BAEBO 3.  If you think he/she looks slightly alien-like, you are not alone.  Calvin is 7 and his imagination naturally goes to such ideas. It is too early to detect the gender of the baby.  But, for those who like to speculate, the heart-rate was 170bpm.

This week was definitely an adventure.  I had a wonderful time sharing with Union Church near Huntington, IN.  This is a church that is intentionally and methodically stewarding its resources to take part in missions both home and abroad.  It’s great to meet fellow believers who take the Great Commission seriously.  After all, a commission isn’t really a suggestion.

We also listed our home for sale this week.  3 bed, 1.5 bath, over half an acre – all yours for the low asking price of $84,900.  It’s located in Muncie – in a lovely neighborhood just a mile north of the mall.  Tell your friends.

We leave for a trip out east – destinations including Gettysburg, PA, Easton, MD and Richmond, VA.  We will be sharing our journey to serve with SAT-7 in Cyprus with First Baptist Church in Gettysburg, Kentwood Heights Baptist Church near Richmond and hopefully a few others.  After this trip, we will need to begin to solidify a timeline for our big departure to Cyprus.  We are praying for additional partners to join our team.  If you have decided to join our team, please let us know.

I’ll be spending two days in the SAT-7 USA office in Easton.  It will be a good chance to gain an understanding of another aspect of the ministry.  This office has a major impact in ensuring that SAT-7 can continue to produce relevant Christ-centered programming for the Middle East and north Africa.  My job is to facilitate communications between the Easton office and the International Office in Nicosia, Cyprus.

We can’t possibly say this enough:  thank you for your support and encouragement for our family.  We are humbled daily by you.  And, we praise the Lord for His plan, His provision and His grace.


2 thoughts on “An Introduction And A Departure

  1. I’m SO excited for you guys! My dad and I were talking about making a trip to see Judy & Terry before I leave, maybe we can make it your way as well?! I’d love to see you 🙂

    You’ll be in my prayers as you travel, I know God will show up in BIG ways.

  2. Not sure I get the naming convention for Baby #3, but congratulations nevertheless! It seems a little early for an ultrasound/sonogram – was this done for a special reason and are things going okay with the pregnancy?

    Have a safe trip home to Indiana.
    Mark W.

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