Traveling Mercies

History LessonWe are about to head home after our journey out east.  We’ve made some new friends and reconnected with a few.  In total, we’ve been gone from home for thirteen days.  The kids have held up very well with several longer than preferred van rides.  While we have one more to go, this has been better than expected and even with a melt-down or two will be considered successful.

Our first stop: Gettysburg, PA.  We had a wonderful time visiting with First Baptist Church and the Gallimores.  We also took the kids to explore the battlefields of Gettysburg.  They loved climbing on the rocks but probably missed the historical significance of what they saw.  Since they are only 4 and 7, we’ll let that slide.

Second stop: Easton, MD.  I was able to spend two days in the SAT-7 USA office.  We worked through the communication strategy for the year.  It was great to meet the staff and see another aspect of this ministry that is bringing hope to the Middle East and north Africa.  The staff in Easton is so committed and kind.  We developed a good working relationship and I look forward to working with them more.

Third stop: Richmond, VA.  We were able to stay with my Dad and visit with Kentwood Heights Baptist Church again.  Kentwood was the second church we shared our ministry with in the Fall of 07.  This congregation has been so very warm to us.  The second time around, we found them to be equally kind.  During our stay here in Richmond, we also had a chance to take some walks in the woods, the kids visited two museums and spend some quality catch up time.  I also met with Corinth Baptist Church and the Dover Association of Baptist Churches.

We are now heading home.  We have worked hard, played a little and prayed a lot.  Our journey continues.  Not every step is known, yet we know who we follow.  We know where our provision comes from.  We are thankful for the Lord’s faithfulness.  He chose us and will deliver us.

Note: I was asked what the timeframe is for a new SAT-7 program to go from idea to broadcast.  After inquiring further, it is clear that there are several paths that a program can take.  Some types of programs are more quickly produced while others can take significant time.  The length of time it takes to get the show on the air depends on how complicated the program is.  A drama (requiring auditions for actors, multiple locations, lots of script work) can easily take a year to produce.  A talk show, depending on the type, can be made much quicker.  Some of these projects are larger and take a year, or even more.  There is a research phase, then building a team, then production, then post production (editing/effects/music) then broadcast.  There isn’t an easy answer but I hope this gives you an idea of the process.


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