Like Childbirth, I Think (infant’s perspective)

This road that we are on that apparently will lead us to, and possibly through Cyprus is a crazy one.  There have been times that have felt like we had stopped moving altogether.  Other times there were blessing abundant like a field of wildflowers on a long journey.  Right now, in my best estimation, feels what I would guess a newborn experiences at birth.  After a long gestation period, we are being moved from our current station – a restrictive yet known and comforting place – into the destination that we’ve been praying for.  While there is excitement, there is also a vague desire to grab and hold onto what we’ve known.

Well, like childbirth, there is no turning back.  Once the process starts, it doesn’t matter how much you scream and kick.  Granted, we aren’t screaming and kicking.  Nor, should we.  We are bracing ourselves for the unknown.  It has been promised to be good.  We trust that.  The Lord never fails in His promises.

What has begun this process for us is the sale of our home.  Yes, our house sold in this market.  It sold in under 4 weeks!  For those of you who know our story, the sale of our house in Fort Wayne is what stopped us from going to seminary in Dallas, TX.  While it was a redirection of sorts for us, and probably good for us, it is good to have this obstacle removed this time around.  We have also been blessed with some clear direction from the Lord.  I’ll post on this in the near future. 

We have also a great team of supporters and prayer warriors paving the way for us to go.  As we look to finish out our financial support, we have a level of certainty that is grounded in His promises and the obedience of His people.

Here are the milestones that have taken place along with some that are yet to come:

  • House sold (after 4 counter offers, a new roof, new well pump and a few other fun hurdles – thanks to our awesome church family for all the help)
  • House packed and loaded on a 26 foot truck – March 21st (again, thanks to church family here)
  • Truck driven to Quinton, VA and unloaded into storage – March 22-23 (thanks to the VA wing of our church family)
  • Clean and close out house – March 24-26
  • Travel to WI to visit family March 27-April 1st
  • MI April 1st – 4th
  • IN/OH April 4-5
  • Travel to Quinton, VA – April 6th
  • Early May – load shipping container
  • May 23rd relocate to Cyprus!  (more to come later on this date)
  • August 10-ish – have baby #3

Thank you for having patience with our lack of blog posts recently.  As you can see, we had a few irons in the fire.  You should expect more updates soon.


One thought on “Like Childbirth, I Think (infant’s perspective)

  1. I was teaching on Sunday so I didn’t get to be part of the send off during service. Just want to bless you guys and say how much we appreciate your family. Its so exciting to see how God will use your whole family, kiddos included!

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