Saying Goodbye to a Rose

roofingOur time in Muncie was an aromatic blessing.  It was filled with the Lord’s blessings.  Our lives were enriched by the relationships that were begun in this city known for shrinking industry and potholes.  When we look back, Muncie is a rose, not because of the amazing infrastructure or anything material.  It is a rose because the Lord has His people there.  And, they know how to love.

Let me start with our “home group”.  These are the people who helped us apply the lessons learned on Sunday morning to the rest of our lives.  These people are diligent in their pursuit of what the Lord would have them do next.  This could be a major life transition or simply calling a friend and holding him accountable or unbelievably roofing your house when it is needed or loading your moving truck.  We were, and continue to be, floored by the outpouring of love from these people.  So, to the Baldwins, Pedersons, Diazes, Bergers, to Kaleb, Osterdays, “We love you back!”

loadingOur church family at MAC and our extended church family were just plain awesome.  We were taught about following the Lord through their example.  Our pastors, at Muncie Alliance, challenged us and led us into an understanding of grace, obedience and being led by the Lord.  Our friends modeled how to raise a family in a Christ-like fashion.  They also helped us with putting on a new roof and loading the truck.  I can’t possibly mention everyone who impacted our lives.  Let’s just say that Muncie and the surrounding communities are filled with the Lord’s people and we were blessed by many of them.

To leave Muncie was hard.  We shed tears.  We sobbed.  We hugged.  We prayed.  We shed more tears.  As I sit here and remember those days of “good-bye”, I am choking them back again.  I am hopeful that while we were there, we were able to impact some of their lives in the same way.

We are so thankful that the Lord placed us in Muncie for the last three years.  Our cup runneth over!


2 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to a Rose

  1. I’m sure leaving was bittersweet. I have a feeling the people of Muncie will miss you guys just as much as you will miss them…

  2. Ah, shucks. Why’d ya have to go an’ make me cry?

    We already sorely miss you guys. Zofia can’t seem to stop talking about Elisa. I guess we need to email, huh?

    We’re praying for you!

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