Overwhelmed and Outnumbered


First of all, I recall posting the last message here hoping that I could someday tell you of the amazing fulfillment of His promises.  Someday.  Well, I didn’t have to wait long (even though I waited a week to tell you).  The day after I posted about buying our airline tickets, the Lord provided a significant portion of our remaining support.  Then, a day later He added a bit more.  Our bare-minimum budget has been met, plus a little more.  There is still a bit of room for more but at this point we are going to Cyprus and staying.  It is truly overwhelming to have the Lord deliver what seemed impossible and do so virtually overnight!

We have also been overwhelmed by His provision in ways other than financially.  The Lord has provided for an army of faithful encouragers and intercessors.  We can go because the Lord provides.  We go because we have people consistently praying for our family and the ministry we are joining.  Without this, we would surely fail.  Anything we do is through the Holy Spirit who strengthens us.  He strengthens us because people ask Him to.  This is how the body of Christ works best.  Here is an example of one such prayer warrior:

Received 4/28

I bring Daniel and his family before you.  How prophetic that he would be ministering in the very area of his namesake.  Lord let him be the impeccable witness that the prophet Daniel was…let him be as wise as the stars in the sky and bring many to righteousness in Your name.  Holy Spirit, I ask that his angels be on high alert at all times, that the hedge around he and his family would be high and thorny and wide.  I ask for your wisdom, grace and peace on them.  Go before them and break open the way, prepare hearts and minds to receive Your hope and love…and Lord, keep him always encouraged and on fire for Your Son.  May we all finish the race well!

In Jesus name, Amen


Today, Sarah had an ultrasound.  We brought the kids along to see the baby in Mommy’s tummy.  For Calvin and Elisa, we did not find out the gender.  It’s a pretty cool surprise to have a baby and find out the gender at the same time.  This time, considering our pending relocation, we decided that it would be best to find out.  So, without further ado…..On Aug. 10-ish we will be having a baby GIRL!!!! Elisa is very excited to teach her about princess things.  Calvin is very excited that when the baby is older, he will get his own room back.  Calvin and Elisa will share a room until then.  This has been a silver lining to the cloud of being outnumbered by the girls.  Sarah and I are “over the moon” for our new little one.  Here is a photo of our little island girl.

Island Girl - she was a little camera shy.  The best we could do.

She was a little camera shy. This is the best we could do.


5 thoughts on “Overwhelmed and Outnumbered

  1. Praise God! I am crying tears of joy for you guys! I love hearing how the Father provides. Support, peace, gender-knowing… God hears us, even in the small things. Isn’t He sweet?!

  2. Dan and Sarah, So sorry that we were never able to get together before you left Muncie. We were in the thick of issues regarding Brett’s parents’ health. It has been another one of those giants that we are having to trust God to overcome. He is, along with our support raising. We are hoping to leave in July and was encouraged by your posts to ask God about a date. We are thrilled to read about God’s faithfulness to you. To him be the Glory!

  3. It is really fun to see our God going before you. I am praying for you, that when you arrive and settle in, that these memories of God expressing His will for you to be there would not be tampered with. And that nothing would stand in the way of God continuing building you, His portfolio of gracious works for people to see and be impressed.

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