Crossing the Threshold

Praise the Lord, all you nations; extol him, all you peoples.  For great is his love toward us, and the faithfulness of the Lord endures forever.  Praise the Lord.Psalm 117

The Lord has not left us on this journey to serve with SAT-7 and He is still with us here.  Today, we’ve been in Cyprus for five weeks.  Dan has been serving with SAT-7 for four weeks and he sees how the Lord has prepared him to fit into this organization.  Since we’ve been here, the needs of the people in the Middle East to hear the Good News has intensified.  There have been government elections in Lebanon and in Iran.  The streets are not calm in Iran following the election and the government is now blocking cell phone usage, Facebook, internet and other forms of media.  SAT-7 broadcasts are more important than ever in this nation, as people are yearning for hope amidst the chaos.


Calvin and the Pool

On a personal note, we have been doing very well coping the last five weeks.  We’ve experienced days where the culture shock seems to be overwhelming, but at those times we seek the shelter of our bedroom at our friend’s home and we get through it.  The children have enjoyed many hours in the pool, as the heat has already been oppressive here.  We purchased a pass to the Nicosia Municipal pool and we are so glad to have a way to escape the heat many days throughout the week.  Twice, we’ve been to a beach on the northern side of Cyprus and yesterday we toured the Troodos Mountains in central Cyprus and visited Kykkos Monastery.  God has blessed us with some wonderful times as a family, which we appreciate after having a very busy two years getting here without a lot of quality family time.

Sarah has been coping with the heat as well as any pregnant woman in her last trimester can.  She is 34 weeks along in her pregnancy and this week a c-section will be scheduled with the doctor.  Please keep her in prayer at the end of July, when the baby will be born.  This is her third c-section and the recovery of the surgery can be challenging.  Calvin and Elisa are looking forward to meeting their baby sister. They are seeing and feeling the baby move.  In fact, a few times we’ve been able to make out a foot or knee – the kids are amazed at this.

Troodos Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea

Troodos Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea

What are some of our biggest shocks here?  Well, we are still not used to the price of groceries.  The price of a gallon of milk is approximately $7, which seems outrageous.  A loaf of bread is over $3.  There isn’t any food item that is cheaper here than in the states, so we are very careful shoppers.  Also, the packaging of food is in much smaller containers, so you end up buying less and eating less.

Life in general is slower-paced here.  The stores all close by 7:30pm, except on Wednesday when they close early at 1pm.  There have been a few times that we have not planned very well and we get caught by the early store closings on Wednesday.  Regular bank hours are 8am until 1pm, Monday through Friday.  A common term here is “siga, siga”, which means slowly, slowly.  Things get done here, but not with the efficiency that we come to demand in the states.

God answered our prayers about the work visa, and we were granted a one-year, family visa. That is a huge blessing, as work visas for non-EU citizens and becoming more difficult to obtain.  We have been in contact with several who have had to leave Cyprus because of this.

On Monday we move into our new home!!!
Words cannot express how happy we will be to move in.  While we have enjoyed living with family and friends the last three months, there is nothing like “going home”.  Sarah’s parents are planning to visit for the baby’s birth in only four weeks.  We look forward to other visitors too!  Please come if you can!!!


11 thoughts on “Crossing the Threshold

  1. I’ve been thinking about you guys all week! We miss you loads! When you get a chance, would you email me so that I know which email you’re using. Zofia wants to send a message to Elisa in a big way. We’re praying for you all. You are not forgotten in the midst of culture shock. We love you!

    • Hi Connie! Our computer’s hard drive did NOT survive the ocean waves, so we are working off Dan’s SAT-7 laptop, which doesn’t have the email addresses we’ve saved. Hopefully you get this…our email address is:

      Elisa would love to hear from Zofia! She really misses her a lot and we all miss your entire family. Have you purchased a new house yet?

  2. I’m so glad you are keeping up the blog. I was reading some of it aloud to Scot and we were both amazed that it’s already been 5 weeks in Cyprus! Time is flying by. So glad that God has your family right where he wants you and ready to impact so many, many people for His Kingdom. Awesome that Sarah’s parents are coming. The kids must be so excited! I was just thinking this morning how wonderful it would be if we could eventually scrape together enough money to come for a visit. Hmmmmmm…… Sure sounds nice! Hopefully someday! Love to you all. You remain in my prayers.

  3. What a blessing that Sarah’s parents are coming! I was wondering how you guys were going to swing all that. Blessings on your new dwelling! May it become “HOME” very quickly.

  4. Reeves good to hear from you! We are praying for a healthy mommy and baby . Louise suggests powdered milk mixed early and left in the refrig.. We lived on that during our days in seminary. Not the best, just passable. If you can’t get powdered milk there, let us know how to get it to you.

    Eldon and Louise Morehouse

    • Thanks for the suggestion, Eldon and Louise! We will search for powdered milk at the store. That is a good idea. We’ll have to get creative on how to save money–I hope to start baking bread after I get settled with the baby. Thank you for your prayers and please let us know how we can be praying for you.

  5. Hi Reeves! Thanks for the updates! We are glad you are doing well! You are in our prayers! Sunny and 81 here in Muncie today! Low humidity! 😉

  6. Hello Reeves. Aunt Laura here. Dan, your Dad just left here with Grandpa Jack. I will be following you on your mission. I was so glad that he shared this with me. Love you

      • Hey Dan, Aunt Laura here. My Dad just called to let me know that Sarah had the baby. I guess your Dad was thrilled. A Grandpa two times is such a short time. I really enjoyed the time I spent with him while he was visiting here. I could listen to him talk all day. Hope you are all well, and will pray for you and your mission. I love you. Yours, Aunt Laura

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