Quick Update: This Is Our Life Right Now

Sometimes this life gives you as much as you can take.  I’m not sure we’re all that close to that level of stress, but it certainly isn’t dull around here.  We definitely are requesting prayer for strength, wisdom, endurance, finances, ministry……….just about everything.

I want to specifically ask you to pray for Sarah.  Her grandfather has been unwell.  He has recently made a decision that brings up end-of-life issues.  While Sarah is supportive of this, it certainly isn’t easy to deal with.  It is especially complex as we are so far away.  Please pray for wisdom about travel, peace for Sarah and her family (Grandpa included) and for comfort for him.

Lately, we have been experiencing what we are considering late-reaction, culture shock.  We are finding ourselves missing our families, our life back in the States, our dog and many other things.  Logically, we should be well past these things.  And, it’s almost strange the things that bring up longing in our hearts.  This was clear when I recently visited Jordan.  Almost instantly, I felt a sense of comfort when I realized that they drive on the right side of the road.  I realized that I missed even that.

Life for us has become busy, like I’m sure it is for many of you.  At SAT-7, I am part of the team preparing for the annual conference in November.  We have a very small team and more than enough to do.  So, my days at the office are quite full.  At home, having a baby, two home-schoolers, bills, cross-continental communication with friends and extended family, a broken motorcycle all seem to make the time at home seem it’s all too much.  Most of this is just normal life but somehow it seems a little excessive right now.

I have a friend that says when life is seeming difficult, “well, I must be doing something right.”  You see, he knows that the enemy tries to discourage those who are productive for the Lord.  I hope, in our case, that the difficult days are the result of good kingdom work.  I do feel that the work that I’m doing at SAT-7 is valuable and that SAT-7 is diligently sharing the Gospel to many people who would otherwise not hear.  And, our kids seem to be growing closer to the Lord as we raise them.  For this, I am grateful.

We are in one of those times of life where it is important to press on.  But, please allow us to ask for your support through prayer and encouragement.  We’ve gotten here because of your diligence in these things, perhaps we will persevere the same way.  The Lord has provided us with you.  He tends to know what He is doing.


6 thoughts on “Quick Update: This Is Our Life Right Now

  1. We pray for you guys regularly, and we miss you too. I will continue to think of you any time someone is driving on the wrong side of the road coming toward me.

  2. I’ll be praying for Sarah and her family. It is awesome to be a partner with your family in this journey. You are in my prayers daily. Hang in there!

  3. I can sure relate to the late culture shock. In the first culture shock, everything is different, but exciting. the late culture shock, it’s different and hopelessly depressing, knowing that these “different” things that have now become annoying, will not go away – ever. Oddly, I’ve experienced this in both Thailand and America.

    So, even more reason I am so ashamed to be such a poor encourager and correspondent.

    I am praying for your family. weekly (at least i’m honest)

    Hang in there. fulfilling your call to persevere will bring much Joy. Your trusting obedience to God’s call on your life has already encouraged me more than you know.

    for me, reading joshua thru Chronicles seems to help… and of course podcasts.

    with Love,

    • Kaleb, The fact that you are following the King is encouragement enough. Thanks for this. I think you are right. We’ve changed the equation – there is no more “normal”. It’s time to come to accept that.

      I long to walk the coffee fields with you and hear what God is doing in you. But, I’m joyful that you are there and I am here. It’s what He wants.

      Thanks brother!


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