Elisa on SAT-7

Elisa recently had the chance to meet the Lebanese praise band, Strongholds, who also happen to be the hosts of their own LIVE program on SAT-7 ARABIC.  They asked her to sing, Jesus Loves Me, then put it on their show the following week.  It was a huge encouragement to Elisa and a special moment for our family.  Jamie, Joyce and Rico are a special group that took the time to encourage a little girl.  Here is the clip:


4 thoughts on “Elisa on SAT-7

    • there show is pretty cool. They have people from all over the ME/NA calling in, texting in, Facebooking. They are praying for and encouraging one another even though most have never met personally. The group shares scripture and talks about some of the issues their viewers are dealing with. It’s a great picture of the church in a virtual sort of way. Very encouraging. And, the group is amazingly talented!

  1. Beautiful- simply precious! How special for Elisa and all of you! I was reminded of how Elisa would often sing on Wednesday nights, even when we were not signing as a group. It was always so cute and sincere!
    Miss you all! It is such a joy to read of all God is doing in your steps of faith! You are an encouragment! Praying for you!

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