Snapshot of Calvin

This should be considered the first installment of occasional profiles of the kids.  We are often asked how the kids are doing.  Hopefully, this will give a more accurate representation of the answer.

Calvin is a boy of 8 years-old.  For any of you that do not have one of these in your home, I must tell you that it makes for lively days.  Calvin loves action.  And, typically with action there is noise.  You can often find Calvin in some imaginary world, battling who-knows-what, with full audio interpretation.  He is becoming quite competitive and longs to play games with anyone.  If we play checkers, I bring my “A” game.  If we play chess, I pray that I don’t get embarrassed.  He loves to wrestle…by wrestle, I mean brawl! I’m not certain that it is wise for this 30-something man to continue such activities.

While the above paragraph is accurate, it isn’t complete.  Calvin is also one of the most softhearted and loving boys I know.  His feelings are hurt more quickly and deeply than he cares to share – mostly.  While he is still learning to love his sister, Elisa fully, he is the best big brother Joyanna could hope for.  He holds her gently, makes her laugh, snuggles with her and will be her best protector in her life.  If Calvin hears Joyanna laughing, he will come running to see.  Nothing makes this boy happier.

We have had to find ways to help Calvin expend some of his boyish energy.  Calvin has been playing football (soccer) at the United Nations base for the last few months.  It is a competitive league and he is the youngest.  So, he is learning a lot and has progressed well.  As you can see by the photo, they play mostly rain or shine.  And, this too causes much joy for Cal.  Calvin is also participating in Cub Scouts.  In fact, he just finished his first pinewood derby.  His car was awarded the smoothest finish award and came in 1st place in one heat, 2nd in several and 3rd in another.  So, it’s not a bad showing for a young boy, especially because he did most of the work on the car.

Calvin has been home-schooled since the beginning.  He is now reading very well.  But, this boy was meant to do math.  He is able to multiply numbers to the 10s, add and subtract large numbers, do story problems.  He rarely needs any help and he picks up on new ideas very quickly.  Apart from math, he enjoys history and geography.  He plays Hangman on the computer with some of his grandparents and likes to pull the words from Google Earth.  And, since we are in historic Cyprus, we are able to get out and touch history sometimes.

I hope you see this as an honest snapshot of Calvin.  It isn’t meant to brag about him. He is doing well.  And, for that, we are very grateful for the Lord’s provision.  We are also asking you to continue to pray for Calvin.  Please pray that Calvin’s heart softens towards Elisa, that he draws closer to the Lord through prayer and reading the Word, that he builds solid relationships with other boys his age and for his protection in this land.


4 thoughts on “Snapshot of Calvin

  1. The Reeves Family – I pray that this finds everyone well and celebrating God’s awesome love! I meant to contact you, Dan, to wish you a most wonderful Birthday. I hope it was very good and you had many, many Blessings to thank God for.

    Sending much love and many prayers to all of you, Lynda

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