How Do You Do…Elisha Mou!

Elisa NelleElisa is hard to write about without gushing.   She overwhelms me with how loving she is.  She has the ability to turn on a special sparkle in her eye that reveals her inner excitement, just before her feet leave the ground.  Equally, and inversely, she can indicate her broken heart by teary, sullen orbs of blue, just before she crumples.  Her way is one of emotions and expression.

She loves to dance, sing and hug.  Her hugs have a ferocity that causes her own body to crack and pop – and sometimes my neck, too.  She thinks about others.  She is moved to tears when someone else is sad, sick or hurt.  She ponders things that are far off, deeper than her age and incomprehensible at times.

While she is mostly joyful, we have sometimes found her hiding in her room with tears streaming down.  The answer to why she cries is mostly unpredictable.  It could be because I gave her firm directions that sounded to her like a reprimand.  Or, it could be because she is longing to know her future husband – umm, already?! Yeah this happened.  And, one time, which left me without words, she was sitting in the middle of our bed sobbing.  In response to my probing she says between gasping breaths, “I want Jesus to hold me in His arms right now.”  It was kind of precious but what do you do with that?

Elisa understands worship and prayer.  She will dance and raise her arms in praise to the King, in church, in her room, walking down the street, anywhere.  She smiles at God because He likes it. She prays for people full-on, wholeheartedly, before any of the adults think to do so.  She is often reminding me that, “through God, all things are possible.”

I never had a sister.  But, Elisa is the one I would have picked if I could have.  She cares and dotes on Joyanna like a little Mama.  She cleans up “spit-up” without hesitation.  She is relentless in her adoration of her big brother – even if it isn’t always welcomed.  I have told her to give Calvin a break more than a few times.   A boy can only take so much!

Elisa isn’t perfect.  She does have moments of selfishness like anyone.  But, it takes only the slightest hint of sternness to turn her to a repentant, sobbing child.  When attempting difficult tasks, she gets frustrated quickly.  We pray for her determination to grow as she does.  At this point, Elisa is pretty easy on her parents.

Elisa spends her time here in Cyprus making friends, singing and dancing.  She has ballet class each week and is working towards a recital in just a few weeks.  Her teacher calls her, Elisha-Mou (ah LEE Shah Moo).  Elisa is a tough name for Cypriots.  But, Mou is an affectionate addition, which means something akin to “love”.

She also rides her scooter to the park as fast as she possibly can.  The way she rides her scooter reminds me of how she hugs.  While at the park, she mostly swings while singing at the top of her lungs.

Today is Elisa’s birthday.  I am so pleased with my six-year-old, beautiful girl.  She is a child of the King and a gift to us.  She’s a keeper!


One thought on “How Do You Do…Elisha Mou!

  1. Love the article on Elisa – hope she had a great birthday!

    Thanks so much for the Cyprus gift – we think of you each time we walk into the kitchen.

    Love, Deb and family

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