One Year – in three parts (seriously spending too much time reflecting!!!)

One Year Header

Part 1

Recently, we celebrated one year in Cyprus. The words above are some things I’ve learned, experienced or hoped for in the last year.

Reflection is something that occupies my mind, lately.  I’ve been talking and thinking a lot about what equates to effective (successful) ministry, or, life for that matter.  I don’t think the two are exclusive – life and ministry.  [warning, tangent coming] I think the two can facilitate each other or devour each other.  It’s a bit unclear when it changes from one to the other.  In ministry, we are to sacrifice the things (family, land, comfort) of this world for the work of the Kingdom that is to come.  Therefore, it could make sense for ministry to devour life, in general.

Let me stop and define life as those things needed to feel secure, sane and viable.  I think we are designed to thrive in life.  So, ministry and life can feel like adversaries.  Because, for me to remain sane and secure, I value my family, friends, proximity to them and the ability to squeeze them often.  Ministry, in our case, requires that we forgo that ability in hopes of introducing life everlasting to those who have never heard.  I get that. I know the trade off is eternity for present day.  We, as a family, try to live that.  But, it doesn’t mean that I don’t struggle with the loss of comfort and security, of those things that we’ve willingly walked away from.  This makes me feel like the one who said to Jesus, “I will follow you, Lord; but first let me go back and say good-bye to my family.” Luke 9:61.  Jesus’ response was chilling.

More to come. . .


5 thoughts on “One Year – in three parts (seriously spending too much time reflecting!!!)

  1. Looking forward to the ‘More to Come …’

    Glad to have you here. Finding the balance between caring for those in our sphere of ministry influence and caring for our family is an art, not a science. Let me know when you have it figured out. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Mo! Can I now remove the “rookie” title? Feel a bit like Jim Morris.

    Rick, answers always cost 1 pint. Just an fyi.

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