Joyanna the Little

Joyanna the Little

I have held off on this post for a while.  My goal was to write this around Joyanna’s first birthday in July.  While I love my baby girl dearly, writing about a baby is challenging for me.  It’s helpful if I can decribe her based on her personality and some of the things she does.  So, I’ve put it off waiting for her to become relatable in words.  It’s hard to explain why I want to hug and squeeze her every time I see her….that would bore you quickly anyway.

So, Joyanna is now 15 months old.  She is equal parts sweetie and pistol.  The girl will laugh at her older brothers antics, any sneeze (or other bodily noise) and loves being silly.  She is often found crawling around in circles wagging her head from side to side simply because it is fun and silly.  She also loves animals.  Anytime she sees a photo of any animal she must mimic a hug with her head.  If she sees a stuffed animal, she must grab it and squish it in mega-hug style.


**Here is a video clip that illustrates her desire to do what she want and how sweet she is – all-in-one.**


On the flip side, this girl will not hesitate to demonstrate her displeasure.  Nor will she cease to shriek until her verbal weapon of mass destruction neutralizes the displeasure.  Her super hero special gift is clearly squeal-based chaos.

In both sides of her personality, you can clearly see a level of determination that all employers want from every employee but seldom see. In this, she has become the defacto boss of our home.  Joyanna’s main responsibility around the house seems to be making sure that everything that can be destroyed is destroyed.  Our bookshelves are the first target, the video rack next and her round of tasks is finished off by making certain that every shoe in the house is no longer discretely hidden away from public view.  She pursues love and joy as heartily as she shuns discomfort. But, our love for her is great.  We love watching her grow and will enjoy seeing what God will do with this little one who is so uniquely made.


3 thoughts on “Joyanna the Little

  1. I feel like I know Joyanna now- I hope we get to meet her someday!! Thanks for sharing about her- it seems she truly brings joy to your family. Love you guys!

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