Busy Week & New Challenges

It has been a long time since we’ve updated you all on the happenings in the Reeves’ household.  The last couple of months have been building in intensity for Dan, as he is organizing and planning the SAT-7 “Network” conference which will begin this week. He anticipates a crowd of up to 180 people attending from all over the world.  As you may remember, Dan’s department is short-handed and this is the first conference in which he is in charge, so he’s been under a good deal of stress.  Important management meetings will take place early in the week before the conference as well.  We would appreciate your prayers for Dan and SAT-7 this week–that the meetings and conference will be fruitful and that the focus will stay centered on Christ.  Please also keep me (Sarah) in prayer, as Dan will be staying in another city  at a hotel during the week, so I will be home alone with the children.

A couple of new challenges have arisen in the last couple of weeks, which we’d like to share with you.  Dan’s motorcycle is not working well and he hasn’t yet had the time to figure out why.  We only have one car, besides the motorcycle, so I have been adding in commuting time to bring Dan to and from work into my already busy schedule.  Hopefully, Dan’s motorcycle can be fixed by himself and without needing to get new parts.  Please pray that Dan will have reliable transportation to and from work soon.

Very abruptly, the Children’s Church teacher at our local church stepped down from this role.  There is currently no plan in place to have the children of NIC fed from the Word – although it is on the heart leadership team.  I am debating whether to fill in this role on a temporary basis, or whether to wait to see if and when someone else can fill that void.  In the meantime, all three of our children are sitting with me during the service and it has been difficult on them and me.  Please keep our church’s children in prayer–that God will raise up the next teacher for the school-age children and that the young children (under 5 years) will eventually have an environment to learn and grow in as well.

A big change on the homefront has been Calvin’s introduction in January to a Christian English-speaking school in Grade 3 here in Nicosia.  The transition has gone really well and it has been a good fit for our entire family.  Calvin is thriving and enjoying the competitive nature of being in a classroom setting and he loves the social interaction too.  I am still homeschooling Elisa in the 1st grade and she continues to excel in her studies and is a great helper to me with Joyanna.  Joyanna is now 19-months old and I am putting a big focus on getting her out of the house more to interact in other environments and with other children.  Once a week, I assign Elisa independant homeschool work and I take the girls to a playgroup.  I realized that since I spent so much time at home until recently, Joyanna was not opening up to trust and interact well with others outside of the family.  In the few weeks that we’ve been focusing on her social development, I’ve already seen some progress!  So, hopefully by this summer she will be ready to meet all of you in the States 🙂

That brings me to my final subject, our furlough.  With Calvin’s enrollment in a school here and the school year ending in mid-June and a mandatory trip to Lebanon that Dan must take at the end of June, it appears that we will go on home assignment for 8 weeks starting in July.  After Dan’s conference, we plan to being researching flights and to make a schedule of where we will be and when!  We will keep everyone posted as the details fall into place.  It is exciting to bring the family back to the States after 2 years of service in Cyprus and we can’t wait to introduce our newest member, Joyanna, to you all then.

Blessings to you all as you begin a new week!  Sarah


5 thoughts on “Busy Week & New Challenges

  1. Wow! That is a lot going on! Will be praying for all of you during this busy time.

    What school is Calvin attending? I have a friend who teaches at the American Academy in Nicosia. She is also a strong believer and a wonderful friend! I stayed with her when I had to took a visa trip there a couple years ago 🙂

  2. Praying for you guys as I know this must be stressful time. Wish I were there to fix the bike or help in some way. SJ

  3. So good to get the update from you all. We’ve been praying for you- especially with all the turmoil in the middle east. I hope we get to see you during your visit this summer. We’ll be gone until July 29th so if you’re still around after that we would love to see you! You are dear to our hearts!

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