Work, Life and Family Updates – April 2011

SAT-7 Update

  • During the revolution in Egypt, many prayers were answered for safety and protection for staff in Cairo.  The staff has pressed on to provide a platform for Christians to offer a Godly perspective on the changes.  Local Church leaders have been able to comfort, shepherd and get feedback from their flocks via live call-in shows.  For more on this and SAT-7’s response to the regional unrest, check out:
  • The SAT-7 Network Conference was held in the beginning of March bringing in over 150 ministry leaders from across the globe, including South Korea, Finland, Tunisia, USA, Lebanon, Egypt and Turkey.  This was a great chance to connect and share how God has been working through SAT-7.  Some highlights were two discussions on the North African Church with leaders from Morocco and Tunisia and the Iranian Church.  Issues of church health, persecution and the recent change in the region were discussed in-depth.  Dan was able to connect with many colleagues from other offices, including an informal worship session with Egyptian, Tunisian and Lebanese worship songs – nearly all in Arabic.  Dan was very moved to be worshipping with these colleagues in their language.
  • The Communications Dept. that Dan is managing has gone through major changes in the last year.  Dan’s former manager, David, is leaving the organization at the end of April.  David has been quite helpful during this transition.  But, with this change, the department will be very short-staffed at a key time of growth in work and focus.  Please pray that the 4-5 staff that Dan needs will come on board soon.  If you know of any communications/media professionals who would like to come to Cyprus, send us an email with details.

Local Cyprus Ministry

  • Dan has been serving as an elder in Nicosia International Church since the autumn.  As part of the leadership team, Dan participates in various aspects of Sunday mornings, ministry decisions and discipleship.  Dan will be giving his first-ever sermon in May as the elders are part of the teaching team.
  • Sarah has recently begun teaching Children’s Church, discipling kids from ages 4 and up.  In her class, our kids, kids from Zimbabwe, Cyprus and Nigeria are led in prayer, taught lessons and explore their young faith.
  • In our home on Sunday nights, we have been leading a “new-believers” Bible study.  The focus is on discipling and preparing all in the group to be able to disciple others.  We focus on how to study but also how faith is interwoven into all aspects of life.  We’ve just added another woman from Zimbabwe who brings a young, but quite mature perspective on faith.  As we seek to disciple others, the Holy Spirit finds a way to grow our own faith and understanding.

Family Update

  • Dan has been involuntarily working on his motorcycle mechanic skills.  The motorcycle we brought from the States has had a series of repairs needed.  The latest is requiring transmission and clutch work.  This is producing more than its share of frustrations, as the bike is his means of getting to work and running errands.
  • Sarah keeps very busy with the kids and their activities.  She is Calvin’s Cub Scout den leader, Children’s Church teacher, homeschool teacher and Mom/Wife.  The days are long, hectic and often rewarding.  Joyanna provides her hug quota, Elisa her thanks and Calvin…well, patience the way only a 9 –year old boy can.  She was able to go to Germany for a long weekend with Calvin, thanks to a Cub Scout grant to attend some training courses.  It was nice for her to get off the island.  She has been able to connect with some other Moms through the kids’ activities, which has been an answer to recent prayers.
  • Calvin has been enrolled in the American Academy school here since January.  This move has seen him really progress in his studies and has produced renewed confidence and joy for learning.  His teacher remarked that Sarah prepared him well in his previous studies for this next phase.  It is nice to see him thrive again in school.  He continues to play soccer and will test for his orange belt in tae-kwon-do later this month.
  • Elisa is continuing to be Mom’s best student.  She works hard and is now reading wherever she is, standing, leaning or walking.  When she isn’t reading, she is doing handstands on the furniture.  She is in gymnastics twice a week and has progressed very quickly.  This class has allowed her to make some very good girl friends and has allowed her to get stronger physically and mentally.  Lately, she has been joining the worship team chorus on Sunday mornings at church.  The girl was made to sing His praises!
  • Joyanna has grown so much physically and in every other way in the last few months.  She loves to laugh and make others laugh.  She still prefers Mom to everyone else, but has just begun to enjoy making new friends.  She loves music.  But, to make her dance, she likes a good groovy tune.  If it’s a soft song, she barely sways.  If it has a beat and a funk, she really gets down.  Joyanna and Dan seem to have the same taste in music…although Dan is not so fond of Elmo!



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