Dan and Sarah have three children, Calvin, age 10, Elisa, age 7 and Joyanna, age 2. Both Dan and Sarah both enjoy serving the community and their local church, Nicosia International Church in Cyprus.

Dan serves as Communications Manager for SAT-7. SAT-7 is a Christian satellite network headquartered in Cyprus and broadcasting to the Middle East and North Africa. Christian populations in the region vary from 30% in Lebanon, to 11% in Egypt, to less than one percent in some countries-but Christians live in every Arab nation. SAT-7 was created to help empower these Christians by providing them with inspirational and educational programs.

Most of the programming for SAT-7 is produced locally by indigenous Christians. SAT-7 desires to increase their new programming output each year, dividing programming output into several major audience groups (children, youth, women and a general audience) helping the ministry respond more appropriately to the needs of each diverse audience. Dan’s background in media and video, as well as the Lord’s calling, make him a good fit in the communications department of SAT-7.

Home Church: Muncie Alliance Church, Muncie, IN


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